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We currently live in Orange County, California.  My husband grew up here and spent endless weekends at the beach swimming in the waves and resting in the warm sand.  I grew up in Lake Tahoe so the water was certainly a little different (and a little colder) but I knew my heart would some day lead me to the beach in Southern California.  In our 10+ years together we have enjoyed many things as a family but the  one constant in our relationship has always been the love of travel and a passion for the ocean.

There is no greater joy than watching your family enjoy cultures, food, people and experiences through travel.  Some of our favorite family beach travels have been to Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands.  It was on these islands that our love for Honu came to life.  Swimming along side these majestic creatures is magical and an experience that is unforgettable. 

So what does all of this have to do with super soft velvety t-shirts you ask?  Truthfully, we just love a great fitting super soft tee so we decided to combine the two and partner up with our friends over at the Sea Turtle Conservancy to create a win win.  A super soft velvety tee makes you feel great on the outside and the give back to Honu makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.  We hope you agree! 

Thanks for reading our first blog….we will keep you updated here with tees + turtles talk and you can always follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the Honu Life happenings @honulifeco

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  • Preeti Saraogi

    Loved reading this! And the tees are just amazing!! Living in them currently :)

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