Once Upon a Time

Not too long ago, a Southern California family sat on the beach in Hawaii dreaming about how one day they might live the island life.  We were ready for a change in pace.  Like many others we just didn’t know how or what that would be.  While flipping through a magazine underneath the palm trees and warm sunshine we came across an article on the Hawaiian Honu.

Honu, or the Hawaiian Sea Turtle, has long been known for its deep symbolism in the Hawaiian culture and stands for good luck, strength and wisdom. To live a Honu Life means to live peacefully or calmly….to live with knowledge.

Our family has spent many happy, memorable hours swimming along side the sea turtles on our travels to Hawaii and in other parts of the world, so the message and the story of the ‘Honu’ really hit home.

From There to Here - the Honu Life

The story made us feel good, but where did we go from there?  A few weeks later my husband received a t-shirt through an online apparel company….and yet again that t-shirt was just too narrow and not that soft.  At that moment we knew we could combine our 10 years of experience in the apparel industry and our love for a super soft t-shirt that fits well with our passion for these amazing sea creatures and create a story of our own.  A t-shirt can tell a story much like the Honu….what about those t-shirts you have tucked away that talk about your travels or concerts you have attended? Maybe that t-shirt is a vintage classic you just can’t part with or maybe its your dads first tee - did you know the first t-shirt was invented in 1898?  They date way back in time, just like the sea turtle.

Honu Life Apparel

Our story is simple. Our original Honu Life apparel is mindfully selected for the person who has lived, someone who possess an intrinsic sense of who they are and what they want.  We believe that putting on a t-shirt should casually transport you to that Honu state of mind. Our signature Honu Life fabrics are butter soft with an almost velvet-like feel to them and a fit that’s true to size. We promise you will never want to take off your Honu Life tee…just like the sea turtle, our shirts will become your shell. 

How is Honu Life Apparel Made? 

Honu Life only sources its products from CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Act) compliant and WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) facilities. These partners are committed to the highest ethical standards of conduct and best quality practices.  We take social responsibility and the environment very seriously and we make sure that our suppliers do the same. Our products are cut, dyed with low impact dyes and sewn in Central America.

The End

So there you have it…..just a Southern California family with a love for a great t-shirt and the hearts to give back to the Honu.